sup my english friends :) ! You thinked that i have forgoten about you ??? No as i promise i will keep posting for you that are interested about Big Brother Albania 7 .So now some of the “secrets” are relevated now and we noe more thing about BB7 ! So first of all an official news ! The show will start at 21 february (2014 of course)!We now that the house is located in the same locations as last year but it has been reconstracted and is bigger now! Of course that tottaly diferent desing and it will be the most beautifull hause of all editions ! The number of players varies between 15 and 21 ! Some of them will enter the first day of show ( around 14) and some others will enter after the show has began. Also the speaker of the show will be the famouse Arbana Osmani , a loved person for the audience!The show will start at 21.00 and the ankets show that around 1 milion albanias will watch it ! It is a big number but consiterating the audience that this show has is fair for the day of opening !
This is for today ! will whrite again when i get more news !

p.s thanks for remind me J.K.R :)